Founded in 1996, Sasuntsy David LLC is a fish farming company located in village Jrarat, Armavir region.

It is almost two decades that we are engaged in growing different kinds of fishes (trout, river trout) and since 2000 we have been specialized in Siberian sturgeon’s growth and cultivation. All the kinds of fishes are fed with European high-quality feed imported from the Netherlands and Finland.

The female Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii) matures after 7 or 8 years and provides caviar that is among the finest caviar in the world.

Caviar has always been the delicacy of aristocrats and sophisticated gourmands.

All of our caviar is produced from sturgeon with the use of slaughter method without any chemical additives and is processed according to the technologies of French first-class specialists.

The quality of roe produced by our sturgeon allows our caviar master to use the malossol, i.e “little salt” method, to enhance its superb flavor. Only pure (mineral) salt is mixed with the caviar before being put in a tin.

You will find that our caviar has a small-medium grain, from light brown to jet-black in color, with a fresh, delicious taste and firm texture. We pride ourselves on consistent perfection of our product.

The key factors that contribute to the quality of our caviar are the environment; strict technical and sanitary controls under which our sturgeons are bred, raised and harvested; the use of our perfected and totally unique “recipe” for caviar and high tech traceability of the fish from the moment they are born until the caviar is enjoyed at the table.

“Hakobyan Caviar” store allows you to, actually, taste the caviar you are buying. Soon we plan to have for sale a large selection of products and accessories that are suitable for caviar tasting and serving.